WP_20140910_22_57_42_Pro__highresA 10 minute saunter to the train station and at 8:44 we’re off on the first of an all-day, five leg smorgasbord of travel in Norway. A 2 hour train to Myrdal, change down to a narrow gauge old fashioned train for an hour long run though staggering valleys to Flam…. Grabbed a local IPA and a sandwich and sat out on the grass at the head waters of Aurlandsfjorden—a branch of Sognefjorden.  See our first falls from the Flamsbana here

WP_20140911_02_13_28_Pro__highresThe Sognefjorden is the 3rd largest fjord in the world and the biggest in Norway.The amiable captain of our boat, the Skagastol, pointed to some areas further east on the fjord that ran as deep as 1500 meters –that’s nearly 5,000′ deep! That’s deeper than the surrounding mountains are tall! 200 waterfalls & 2 spectacular hours later we landed in in Gudvangen and shortly boarded a bus to Voss… and then onto our 5th leg and 3rd train back to Bergen. 11 hours and 224 photos later…  we’re exhausted!