My favorite new thing in the world, a Sous Vide!

3 simple steps

  1. Put the sous vide in a pot with some water and pick your temp.

  2. Then put your [seasoned] food in a ziplock-style bag and drop it in the water. 

  3. Then, right before serving, finish with a quick sear for a crispy crust -if needed.




What Is Sous Vide?

It sounds like some fancy-pants French thing, but sous vide (say “sue veed”) is a pretty simple technique. It literally translates to ‘under vacuum’ -for whatever that’s worth..  




Food cooks in precisely controlled, low-temp water to the exact doneness you like.




Because the food can never get hotter than the water, under- or overcooking is almost impossible.

Voilà, perfection!




After about 3 hours it came out perfectly cooked from edge to edge… at least on the inside…




Some oil and a pat of butter to give it a nice sear in a cast iron pan with some aromatics from the garden, thyme and rosemary.




I roasted up shallots, onions, haricot vert & mushrooms…

Always use the best olive oil you’ve got for roasting veggies!




Finally, it was time to pour that special cab and enjoy the perfect NYE dinner with Jane!

How to Get Started With Sous Vide Cooking, you ask?

Serious Eats [] has been a fantastic resource!

Check out some of their recipes and how well they document the cooking times and temperatures and what to expect.

oh, 24 hours later, lamb came out perfect too!