What a wonderful way to wrap up our visit to this special place! After a few false starts in search of a good Italian dinner we arrived at a  square we had strolled or biked through several times and yet, somehow had never noticed. Trattoria Trium  -and try ’em we did. I was off-put at first by the almost total lack of ambiance, this place had huge windows in the front, was way to brightly lit and had far to many Italian flags.. but they also had big containers of  bird’s nest sized handmade pastas and enough Italian meats and cheeses is the deli case to impress even a New Yorker 🙂 So in we went. On the ‘deli’ side they also had a nice wine collection and while browsing through, I couldn’t  find what I was looking for so I asked the guy behind the counter if they had any Montepulciano, you would have thought I just proposed to his sister! He got totally animated and started talking loud enough for the whole place to hear that his sister was going to marry a guy that knows good Italian wines… or something… 1/2 in Italian, 1/2 in Dutch and another 1/2 in English 🙂  I like this place!

We ended up with a 2006 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano from Salcheto. Fantastico! The meal, well, we kept it really simple, we both just felt like a little comfort food and ended up with a Spaghetti Cabonara and a Ravioli de Carne. That was almost inconsequential, once we ordered the Montepulciano we were family and they kept bringing us little things. A plate of mixed olives and sun-ripened tomatoes, some cheese, a 1/2 order of  Taramisu -when we said we could do any more -unless they had some Perugian chocolate…

A romantic stroll of about 15 minutes along a few canals, bridges alight with blue and amber lights, bell towers lit above and the the occasional bike pedaling past brought us back to B&B Coupure for our last night in Bruges  -this trip anyway….

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