It started off just freezing, finally we got 2 of 3 heating systems going and the weather improved. It’s Sunday and a lovely, brisk sunny day, so off I went for a walk 8-10 blocks over to Dorrie’s new place [the red house].. Grabbed the camera for a few of the big old Victorian’s en route… click to enlarge



Later a walk on the beach to see what the seagulls were swarming for..  Turns out it was just dinner time… click to enlarge



Chance and I dared the rain for a short drive out to Cape May Point, the southern most tip of N.J.  click to enlarge

The old cement bunker on the beach is a remnant of WWII… but fondly remembered more for hosting parties in -in my yute….



Moving day, from sun up to sun down… A wee bit out of sequence… click to enlarge





Dorrie and I did a drive towards Wildwood and stopped in on some of the old boatyards/fisheries and nabbed a few pics.

The first of the boats, the Kathy Rose, is headed out tomorrow for a 15 day scallop trip. They expect to be going out about 150 miles and in waters about 40 fathoms [240′] deep & haul in a few tons of scallops!  click to enlarge



Kiting with Ryan and and Noah -click to enlarge

This is too cool! In the pictures above [around the middle] you’ll see a ship off shore we were fascinated by and unsuccessful in figuring out what type of boat it was.. It reappeared last night at 10pm, deepening our curiosity when I remembered a website I know of that could help. -but don’t got there yet. On this site you can zoom in on a map and click any vessel you see and so it was simple enough to find the boat 1/2 mile off shore from us in Cape May, before you get there it drops you on a map centered more or less on the Mediterranean, it is already amazing when you see the shear numbers of boats being tracked!  Anyway here’s a link to the ship, Murden, a dredging vessel:  and from the other day, the Kathy Rose now 150 miles from Cape May, presumably hauling up scallops:
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You can read about or see pictures of the vessel or close that pop-up and see it on a live map!

FYI, today we’ve been doing the same thing with planes we see!

click to enlarge, at 1250′ this was the only one low enough to shoot,-79.98/8#


They all rented these bikes and it was anything but a simple peddle down at the ocean.. Meaning it was tougher than the ‘stress test’ my doctor wants me to take…



Sadly there always has to be a last day…