The Hungarian cockade used in 1848 and worn by tens of thousands yesterday

Wow, our first day here and they threw a national holiday! They do it every year, even when we don’t come, as a celebration of the Revolution of 1848. There were Hungarians, swollen with national fervor, everywhere. In fact, our wanderings took us to the back side of Parliament and there was a line to tour Parliament [it being free on this day] that was, by my estimate, 3-5 people wide and about 800 – 850 yards long!

So, there are indeed some pictures up here. And more from the 16th here..

Sorry for the lack of postings. Alas, we’re heading back out today, but it will be noon before we leave to hotel. It really is just the luck of the draw, and from the first hint -or before, I’ve thrown everything in my well equipped quiver at it, but I am sad to report I am down with a rather nasty cold. It started the last day in Bruges and we played it easy in Brussels, but it has been steadily worsening and I spent the last half of yesterday in bed sweating , sneezing, coughing and grunting at the timing. Today we’re going to walk a block to a funicular and hitch a ride up to Buda Castle and do a short walk about. I’ll come back early and rest after that……..   Grrrrrrr  Please send letters of encouragement to Jane to leave my sniveling ass in the hotel and go out on her own, someone has to take pictures we can all live vicariously through 🙂