Firstly, Thanks DE, Andel Apartments is great and in a great neighborhood! So far pretty typical touisty kinds of stuff, but, true to form also found some good eateries and last night’s score, the oldest Jazz club in the world, from 1200! Not sure how they figure it to be the oldest jazz club in the world, as it predates the invention of jazz by 800 years! But that’s OK, it was fun. No cover, and not pushy wait staff. The 4 piece band was really very good. They played a George Benson tune –even though none of them played guitar so during their break I told them a friend of ours make GB’s guitars and the drummer got all excited and starting saying, George Benson it is number one, and Earth Wind and Fire, it is number one too!!

Also fun, we ordered a Multipuciano last night, we watched as the waiter conferred with 3 others when trying to find the bottle and they brought us a 2001 Brunello di Montalcino –perhaps a $100 bottle, I asked the price and he said 690 Crowns –about $25 then he asked if that was OK or that was too much, we told him it was OK and ordered two   —   Left him a huge tip to settle off the karmic tab


Touristy pictures here