This is not a bootleg.     __ I, Duff Hendrickson, filmed Strange Day on Maui  in Hawaii in 1970. He filmed this with 16MM Bolex. In the summer of 1970 I made the 16mm color movie as an experimental psychedelic art film. I was attempting to create some film effects to express a certain colorful DMT experience of Maui.
Almost all of the 15 minutes is multiple exposed film created in-the-camera before the film was developed. It was experimental, at start i had not intended it to be a”Hendrix” film.Many enjoy it as an authentic period piece of psychedelic art history.
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In the middle of my work on the film I was lucky to be allowed by Mike Jeffery, Jimi’s manager, to plant myself in one spot near the stage, to the side of the big Rainbow Bridge 35mm camera.
I had very little blank film at hand so I multiple exposed him ontop of the psychedelic film which had not yet been developed.
Rainbow Bridge director Chuck Wein said he couldn’t allow me to record sound. I didn’t have sound gear anyway. He said if I had he’d have kicked me out.
So later that year I cut sections of the film and arranged it to mood of what at the time was Jimi’s only live album,  Band of Gypses.