This year my sweet, and heretofore innocent, grandmother Nanny’s egg nog comes with a surprising twist in the story and a video! Back in the early 70ies my grandmother really wouldn’t give up her recipe, year after year of requests went unanswered.. After she passed I beseeched Katherine, her long time, live-in maid if she would part with it, and starting around 1974-‘75 I started making potent brew…

Last week we were in Baltimore for the annual Brooks family Christmas party and in a chat with cousin Paddy about the egg nog I learned that sweet Nanny’s secret recipe wasn’t indeed ‘all’ Nanny’s! She had lifted it, in large part, from the father of our country  -I kid you not, George Washington himself! I found that news a bit more than incredulous but I quickly verified it on-line and low and behold, this year find myself in need of renaming Nanny’s Nog.

Nanny & George’s Nog..

After whisking the egg yolks and sugar together I thought to snap a picture of the process, which in turn inspired Jane to use her new phone to shoot a little impromptu video which in turn further inspired me to noodle around with it and add a little music and my stills…
description=”Nogging through the snow.. in a one gallon bucket…”
/] Mele Kalikimaka and Cheers!
Love Gill & Jane

Early reviews include:
The Nog blends skills and enthusiasm, made in strict accordance with traditional methods passed down through generations, creating a nog that highlights the intensity of its ingredients-a secret blend of fine booze and mellow spices… esteemed for its concentrated aromas of booze, delivering subtle flavors of booze, with a seductive finish of booze.

Under the influence of a third portion of nog, we were moved to write this review.  On the following evening, New Years Eve, once again on our third portion of Nog, we would like to complement the Nog makers.
Thank you for sharing,
M & D