While I was tempted to word play with our plans for the day, Chillin’ in Anchorage, it’s already in the mid 70ies @ 10 am and in Fairbanks today it will be 84 degrees!  So that said, Alaska this trip was really, sadly, a bust. The wildfires to the north and east of Fairbanks sent the AQI soaring to 470 [below 50 is considered healthy, over 300 is considered hazardous] As such, We bailed out of Fairbanks as soon as we could  -we did however love the little cabin on the river!

Bottom line, the smoke issue in Fairbanks and the train ride to Denali, combined with overcast weather in Denali made photography impossible. The camera bag at 35 pounds, was little more than a burden I carried the whole trip..  a shame..