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In 1932 at the Maui Soda & Ice Works plant in Wailuku, Maui, Manuel Nobriga began making ice cream from scratch for local ice cream parlors. Everyone loved the velvety smooth texture and the richness of his flavors and the business grew to eventually include 1/2-gallon cartons that folks could enjoy at home.Four decades later in 1970, Manuel’s son, David “Buddy” Nobriga, gave ice cream a fitting Maui name — Roselani.* Today, third generation ice cream maker Cathy Nobriga Kim continues the family tradition, adding innovative island flavors to old-time favorites. You can now find our wide variety of Roselani Tropics Ice Cream in markets statewide or ask for our ice cream by name at restaurants, resorts and scooping parlors throughout Hawai’i.

*The name Roselani is always of interest, especially to folks outside of Maui. It is the “Americanization” of the Hawaiian word Lokelani, which means “heavenly rose” and is Maui’s official flower. The red blossom is proudly displayed on Roselani Ice Cream cartons. “It honors my grandfather’s and my father’s identity. A rose is the queen of perfection,” says Cathy…just like the ice cream which bears its name.


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