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While out scouting for night shooting locations we had a great adventure or two… Firstly, a stop by the new Tuscan Kitchen.. So we asked about the DOB part of the name and it turns out that Italy has strict laws governing the exporting of cheeses, no surprise… They have inspectors that learn, in a four year program, how to hear a good cheese. Using a small wooden hammer they hit the side of a wheel of cheese and listen for an exact tone from the cheese -specific to that cheese, in other words a Reggiano Parmesan has a...

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Alaska in a nutshell…

I shot in the neighborhood of 1500 pictures, boiled them down to about 300 and scattered and spread those over 5 posts before I realized that was too many to expect anyone to go through.. So here are 60 of my favorites.. [Show...

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From Rainbow Ridge south to Valdez

Denali was almost completely socked in but a few hours of perseverance and the clouds lifted somewhat enough to let us grab a few shots.  When you get to these pictures, they were on the shore of Lake Valdez. The lake is a product of Valdez Glacier run-off. we arrived about 9:30 -twilight, everything you see off shore [about 100′ away] were icebergs! Even the black gravel ones. The next morning these USGS guys showed up to check the gauges they had setup last year and take measurements, not of the depth of the water but the  height. The...

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Where have people been logging in from?


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When was that?