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From Rainbow Ridge south to Valdez

Denali was almost completely socked in but a few hours of perseverance and the clouds lifted somewhat enough to let us grab a few shots.  When you get to these pictures, they were on the shore of Lake Valdez. The lake is a product of Valdez Glacier run-off. we arrived about 9:30 -twilight, everything you see off shore [about 100′ away] were icebergs! Even the black gravel ones. The next morning these USGS guys showed up to check the gauges they had setup last year and take measurements, not of the depth of the water but the  height. The...

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 AstroPhotography -or more simply put, taking pictures after dark of the sky.. Anyway, that was sort of my photographic goal on this trip, getting the Milky Way over Denali but Mother Nature had a totally different idea and we didn’t see anything like a clear sky for over a week and at least 500 miles past Denali.. So, the first grouping below is over Rainbow Ridge 4 or so hours below Fairbanks. After a picture or two I started wondering how there could be so much light pollution out here.. Then I looked at the camera and the last...

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Headed south on the Kenai [Kee Nigh] Peninsula yesterday and made it onto the Homer Spit, The spit is a 4.5-mile  long piece of land jutting out into Kachemak Bay — the longest road into ocean waters in the entire world, First internet access in a week so this is way out of sequence. will fill in the blanks as time allows.. [Show...

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RV Northbound

Wheels up Monday before noon and the adventure & the weather and continues! First night Gate Lake, second night along the shore of the Nenana River [Show...

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The 49th State

After a grueling 6 1/2 hours of layovers we settled into a rather nice and new hotel in Anchorage, had terrific Italian food and crashed early.. 5AM came way quicker than hoped for but trains wait for no man. The weather sucked — but the adventure was FANTASTIC! A few hours on a beautiful bubble car train [food and bar included] then 6 hours on a little tour boat heading south of Seward to the Kenai Fjords National Park  [pronounced Kee-Nigh]..Then a ride back to Anchorage for sunset, dinner & drinks from the train..   [Show slideshow] At about...

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Where have people been logging in from?


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