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Meteor Hunting @ Chamanade

Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks tonight, but there are way to many lights where we are tonight. Will try again manana 3 hours south… [Show...

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Santa Cruz Wharf

A 1/2 mile out into Monterey Bay on the famed Santa Cruz Wharf, for a cup of chowder and a look back at the  amusement parks.. The barking sea lions stole the show… [Show...

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U.C. Santa Cruz Arboretum

U.C. Santa Cruz Arboretum was a wonderful trip around the world with African, Australian & New Zealand gardens as well as a redwood forest and California natives.. More about the Redwoods and an AMAZING surround sound art installation later, have a look at some of the notables below for now… [Show...

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April Fools Trivia The holiday/tradition is thought to have emerged in the late 1500s, when France moved from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. Because of the change, New Year celebrations were moved back three months from April 1 to January 1, but not everybody got the memo. Those who were in the know would drop in on their less knowledgeable neighbors and play tricks on them. Often, they’d pin a cutout fish on their back; a poisson d’avril, or April fish, was thought of as easy to catch. The media got in on the act in 1957 when...

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Recycling/Storage room make-over

Every such project has to start with clearing out the space…  Step one: Erect the ginormous tent to store all the junk in…                                    — in less than 10 seconds Step two: clearing out the space barrow a pressure washer, dry for a few days and Enter Craig…. …and a few gallons later: Then preparing to fill it back up… Almost done… As one friend put it, more or less, “From rat-infested shithole to kitchen condo in one week” Watch this...

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Where have people been logging in from?


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When was that?