Trip into Haleakala Crater Dec. 12th-14th 2001

   While the rest of Maui was whipped  by gale force winds Jane and I spent a few days in Haleakala Crater at Holua Cabin. The hike in was through 50+ mph winds and the temperature was in the low forties so the wind chill factor was, well, COLD!   Nothing a little nip of Blackberry Brandy couldn't handle though... The next day things sort of cleared and we got in a nice hike. Well, it was raining cats and dogs, but it was better than it was on the trip down...

    Anyway, here are a few pics from the trip. The weather wasn't particularly cooperative for photography,  but it was great for reading and relaxing, Fun was had by all....

base-of-halemauu cabinview Gill-in-goat-cave
base-of-Halemauu   cabin view Gill-in-goat-cave
Gill-on-switchbacks Holua-cabin Holua-kitchen
Gill-on-switchback Holua-cabin Holua-kitchen
Jane-in-Holua-twoa Jane-on-switchbacks Nenes-in-front-of-cabin
Jane-in-Holua Jane-on-switchback Nenes-in-front
on-the-hike prarie young-silversword
on-the-hike prairie young-silversword